Custom Loupes

Follow the Steps Below to Build Your Custom Loupes

Step One: Pick Your Frame Color

Step Two: Pick Your Magnification

Step Three: Call Us @ 602-272-0827 with Your Selection, that's it!


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Veloce Frames

Why Choose Veloce Frames? This is our most popular and diverse frame. It doesn't get any lighter than this. The Veloce frame is the lightest frame available for loupes. It weighs only 15grams. It is the most comfortable frame ever.

Pick Your Frame Color

Tortoise Veloce, White Veloce, Silver Veloce, Black Veloce



Pick Your Magnification




Dolomite Frames

Why Choose Dolomite Frames? The Dolomite frame is one of the strongest and long lasting frames. It has a solid frame all the way around the carrier lens which provides 360 degrees of protection.

Pick Your Frame Color
Dolomite White, Dolomite Silver, Dolomite Black

Pick Your Magnification


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