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What precisely should a perfect loupe light be like? For nearly 10 years the Snap On Loupe Light has been our answer to that question. We've created and refined our signature light with the clinician needs in mind. The Snap On Loupe Light is a constantly evolving masterpiece that brings together all the best in esthetic designs, comfort and the technological innovations.  WIth over 10,000 Snap On Loupe Light shipped world wide, we continue to listen to what you, the practicing clinician are telling us. Let's see what we can build together.

Snap On Loupe Light Specs

Weight: 6 gr

Brightness 10,000 - 100,000 Lux

Loupe mounts: Fits all loupes

Battery Specs:

Battery Type: Lithium Ion. 2 comes per kit.

Battery Life: 8hrs on high, 10 hrs on med, 16 hr on low

Charge time: about 3 hrs

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